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In becoming (almost) Greek, I have discovered some amazing Greek owned and run stores in Sydney, where you can stock up on all of the items you need for your "Greek pantry".  I'll be continually reviewing and adding to my listing for “Greek Sydney” and "Greek Melbourne". 

If you are a store, restaurant or taverna owner and you would like me to add you to the listing below  - or if you are a reader and you have any ideas you would like me to add, I happily welcome all new delicious discoveries. Please email me or leave a comment below - ευχαριστώ. 

Greek Sydney 

Delicatessens and wine merchants
Eklektá Trófima (εκλεκτά τρόφιμα) 

Earlwood Wines

Earlwood Wines is not just wines - it has a huge selection of produce, both Greek and Australian from olives and legumes to cheeses and oils including the very excellent Minos brand olive oil. Their homemade dips are the best - the taramasalata is delicious (just like your Ma makes) and the artichoke dip is equally divine. The freezer section is a treasure trove of Greek imports from Bougatsa to Tiropita's  - perfect to stash in your freezer for when unexpected family drop in or when a day out with friends turns into drinks and nibbles at your place.

The wine selection of the store is also phenomenal. It is rather difficult to purchase good Greek wines from Sydney's chain store bottle shops. However, Earlwood Wines has an excellent number to choose from. If you are going for a super traditional souvlaki cook up in the garden or chargrilling an octopus, then you might like to try some Retsina. Although make sure it is well chilled before serving – it’s the only way to have it! There are also some beautiful dessert wines to choose from an outstanding range of spirits from Metaxa brandy through to a range of ouzos.

My favourites:  Frozen artichoke hearts imported from Greece, Carolina Rice, Loukatos Tentoura Regina Traditional Greek ‘Cinnamon and Clove’ Liqueur’, Laiko Greek Coffee from Cyprus and Ouzo Barbayannis.

285 Homer Street
Hours: Mon-Sat, 8am-6pm

Sam’s MFC Supermarket

Sam’s MFC Supermarket, on Gardner’s Road in the Sydney is an emporium filled with Middle Eastern and Greek delights. From the amazing "olive buffet" to the help yourself barrel of vine leaves, you can find most Greek pantry essentials and even cooking utensils at this superb supermarket.

My favourites:  Top Greek wine vinegar in a squeezy bottle, Thassos olives and vine leaves from the barrel.

455 Gardners Road
Rosebery (02) 9669 6136
Hours: Mon – Sat,  7.30am – 7.30pm

Lamia Super Deli

Absolutely jam packed with a very colourful assortment of quality Greek style produce, Lamia Super Deli has everything you need to rustle up a quick round of emergency mezedes. They offer a wonderful range of Greek cheeses, salt cod, vine leaves, okra in tomato sauce, dips and (industrial) sized tins of giant beans. The real highlight is the most amazing array of olives. There is also plenty on offer for those with a sweet tooth with a huge array of spoon sweets and the classic vanilla or mastic flavoured fondant - used to make the childhood favourite, "submarine" - a huge spoonful of sweet vanilla dunked into ice cold water.

My favourites:  mastic flavoured fondant and Australian tarama (in a small orange tin) – perfect for making taramasalata

278 Marrickville Road
Hours: Mon-Fri, 7am-7pm & Sat, 7am-5pm

Danas Fine Foods Deli 

A Marrickville institution, Dana's offers a quality range of classic Greek staples from tangy goat and sheep feta cheese to homemade red wine vinegar. In recent years a cafe was also added which serves traditional Greek food.

My favourites:  Vissino ‘sour cherry’ cordial and homemade frozen tiropites

416 Illawarra Road
Ph: 9558 3573
Hours: Tues-Sat, 8am-5pm & Sun, 8am-4pm

Alpha’s Food Store

Alpha’s food store offers freshly made pies from spanakopita to mushroom and saffron, as well as a broad selection of pastries or traditional Greek cakes and biscuits. The store also stocks premium Greek honeys, traditional pastas, preserves and olive oils.

238 Castlereagh Street
Hours:  Mon-Fri,  7:30am until late.

My favourites:  wild flower honey

Superbarn Sans Souci

It started so well, with a whole section dedicated to Greek products - but it has recently shrunk to a little more concentrated and a smaller but still good, well priced range Greek staples from Chocolates and spoon sweets, through to pasta, vine leaves and more.

Superbarn Liquor, next door to Superbarn has also started to stock some Greek wines including a number of Xinomavro blends from Alpha, as well as a range of reasonably priced wines from the Lafazanis winery. 

24 - 544 Rocky Point Road
Sans Souci
Hours: Mon – Sun 7am -10pm

Mr Liquor Ramsgate

In recent months, Mr Liquor at Ramsgate has been stocking a small but good range of Greek wines including Assyrtiko from Santorini and a variety of good Xinomavro wines. They also sell two Greek beer brands - Mythos and (when there has been a shipment in) Fix.

213 Ramsgate Road
Ramsgate NSW 2217
(02) 9529 5740
Hours: Mon-Sat 8am - 9pm and Sun 10am - 8pm

Online Food Stores

Homer St 

A really beautiful range of gourmet and organic Greek food and gifts, delivered across Australia to your door. This is the perfect site to select a Greek gourmet gift hamper for special family and friends. Tipped to soon be stocking some really unique Greek wines (fingers crossed!!!).

My favourites:  so hard to choose just a couple - but the thyme flowers, thyme honey and fig jam are real standouts.

Patisseries, bakers + gelato and sweet treats Zacharoplasteío (ζαχαροπλαστείο) 

Trianon Cakes  

Right next door to Earlwood Wines on Homer Street in Earlwood is the fantastic Trianon Cakes. This small bakery has possibly the most delicious olive bread in Sydney, packed with big juicy kalamata olives, sweet onions and dill. Come Easter time, you can also pick up a range of colour dyes for your traditional eggs and you can also select a beautiful candle for your godchild to use during Easter celebrations. 

289 Homer Street
‪Earlwood NSW 2206‬‬
(02) 9558 3347 ‬‎
Hours: daily from 7am

My favourites: Crème caramel with sultanas baked in a tray

Yianni's Bakery

Pass by Yianni's bakery on a weekday morning and you will always find a large line of local's trailing  out the door. Yianni's offers a range of delicious traditional breads from Lagana, a lightly leavened bread showered with sesames which is eaten at Easter time to my absolute favourite - traditional olive bread. If you are heading to Yianni's be sure to get there early... with the regular local following they are often sold out of olive bread by lunch time!!

My favourites:  olive bread and Horiatiko psomi  - country style bread

112 Railway Parade
Kogarah NSW 2217
(02) 9588 6142

Princess Cakes 

Just down the road from Parea Greek Taverna is the wonderful Princess Cakes. This shop has a huge array of traditional Greek biscuits and desserts. One of my favourites are the chocolate dipped orange and honey macaroons (melomakarona) and the fantastic mustokolouria which have a distinctive taste of grape must - taken from pressed grapes and a hint of cinnamon. You can also pop in and pick up a huge tray of fresh loukoumades - the Greek version of a doughnut, drenched in honey syrup with a dusting of cinnamon.

My favourites: loukoumades - only on sat & sun.

49 Rocky Point Road 
Kogarah (02) 9553 6877
Open 7 days

Prestige Patisserie

Like the sign out the front of the shop advertises - Prestige Patisserie have everything from Bougatsa (a delicious  a warm vanilla custard wrapped in filo pastry and sprinkled with icing sugar) to Paximadia (similar to Italian biscotti and often filled with aniseseed and walnuts). They also have a great range of more savoury Greek pastry - such as the classic tiropita (cheese pies).

4 Jubilee Avenue 
(02) 9587 3437

Tims Products

Run by the warm and welcoming Chris and Mary Theodoridis, Tim Products has a huge range of traditional Greek sweets, biscuits and pastries - which even come in large kilo boxes and fantastic huge foil trays.  My mother in law often buys a kilo of their delicious Kourambiedes (crescent shaped shortbread with toasted almonds doused in icing sugar) when she is visiting friends - or around Christmas time. Tim Products also have a divine Galaktoboureko (a milky, creamy custard filled crisp, crunchy pastry), mini baklava as well as lots of savoury pastries such as the classic spanokopita.

My favourites:  Kourambiedes & Galaktoboureko

407 Enmore Road
(02) 9557 5877
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm & Sat, 8am - 2.30pm

Hellenic Bakery

Another Marrickville institution, the Hellenic Bakery has a wonderful assortment of traditional Greek breads, biscuits and pastries. A particular favourite are the sesame rings you find on every street corner in Greece and traditional Greek breads such as karveli (a sourdough). Come Easter time - this is also the place to get your whole lamb, which has been slowly cooked with lemon, garlic and rigani.

My favourites:  baked lamb and potatoes & moustalevria (Grape Must Pudding - available on some Saturday mornings)

371 Illawarra Road         
Ph: 9559 2701
Hours: Open daily, 5.30am-7pm

Pagoto Gelato and Waffle House 

The most wonderful Greek flavoured gelato - think creamy, thick Greek yoghurt with honey and walnuts, Kourambiedes & Galaktoboureko - and Mr K's favourite everytime: feta and watermelon.

301 Victoria Road

You might also like to try:

Athena Cake Shop  - 412 Illawarra Road, Marrickville 
Greek Cakes by Eleni  -  914 Anzac Parade, Maroubra
Nick's Cake Shop - 313 Bay Street, Brighton-le-Sands
Christopher’s cakes - various locations -

    Butchers Kreopó̱li̱s (κρεοπώλης) 

    Illawarra Meat Market

    Across the road from the Hellenic bakery, the Illawarra Meat Market offers a great range of high quality meat - and some specialties including spicy Cypriot sausages and loukaniko  (traditional Greek style country sausages) -  flavoured with chilli, leeks and orange rind. If you are a fan of the 5th quarter - try the kokoretsi, a traditional Greek Easter rotisserie dish made up of the organ meat from the lamb and bound its intestines. You can also place an order for baby goats for your home spit - or oven.

    368 Illawarra Road
    Ph: 9558 5473
    Hours: Mon-Fri, 7am-5pm & Sat, 6.30am-12.30pm

    J&V Quality Meats

    J&V Quality Meats offer Greek souvlaki, kondosouvli, lamb and pig on the spit, traditional Christmas Hams and more. M&P reader Patricia says, “Vera, the owner, has lived in Earlwood for most of her life and owns and operates her butcher shop in Earlwood for the same number of years. She knows the community inside and out.”
    My favourites:  sheftalia –traditional Cypriot sausages

    ***Note for those who used to shop at Nick's Southside Gourmet Meats at Ramsgate, it is sadly now closed.

    You might also like to try:

    Mick’s Meats - Dulwich Hill (02) 9569 1330
    Supreme Souvlakia - 411 Burwood Rd, Belmore

    Tavernas (ταβέρνα) & restaurants 

    The Corinthian

    Another Marrickville institution (open until the very early morning) - this is where Mr K takes friends and family who are visiting from Greece. It has to be one of the best places in Sydney, which actually makes you feel like you are in a taverna in Greece. It’s old wood-panelling, plastic tablecloths, faded photos ooze old school charm.  Feast on traditional dishes from moussaka to the starring dish - barbecued lamb on the spit (don't let the slow-roasted lamb heads, which are often in the window put you off).

    283 Marrickville Road
    Ph: 9569 7084
    Hours: Open Tues-Sun, noon-3pm and 6pm-3am

    The Great Taste of Greece 

    Our new favourite, owned and run by the lovely Nikos and Eleftheria who came to live in Australia a few years ago from Greece. This  is some of the best Greek food in Sydney.  Eleftheria’s eggplant rolls are to die for – and the bakalarios and skordalia have been known to move Mr K close to tears.  Don’t miss the Greek nights, with live music and more.  Now open with a café style lunch menu.

    57 Park Road
    Kogarah Bay
    PH: 9547 3860


    Slick "Grecian Modernist" setting with homemade spanakopita, slow-roasted lamb shoulder and whole grilled fish a real standout. The taramasalata is also brilliant. Alpha Foodstore, located next door has delicious take away spinach, chicken or lamb pies to take away, rizogalo and more.

    238 Castlereagh Street
    Sydney, NSW
    02 9098 1111

    The Apollo

    Traditional Greek dishes with a modern edge – there are rave reviews for the saganaki cheese with honey and oregano, the taramasalata dip sprinkled with fresh mullet roe, the rich moussaka – and don’t forget the watermelon marinated in ouzo.

    44 Macleay Street, Potts Point
    (02) 8354 0888
    Hours: Lunch Fri - Sun; Dinner Mon - Sun

    Meet the Greek

    The Mougios family have been long standing restaurant owners in the Brighton Le Sands area for over 30 years. Their latest venture is "MEET THE GREEK", a fantastic, ambient taverna providing delicious, good quality, simple village style Greek food in a super friendly environment. They offer a range of delicious mezedes including some of the best oktapodi (marinated and char grilled with rigani) outside of Greece. Daily specials include Kakavia (Greek style fisherman's soup) on a Thursday. Well worth the visit!!

    85 The Grand Parade
    Brighton Le Sands
    02 9597 5062
    Hours: Mon –Sat, 5pm -11pm & Sun 12noon – 11pm

    Parea Greek Taverna 

    Parea Greek Tavern has a wonderful homely relaxed and friendly atmosphere - it is just like you are eating in a family home. They offer a great range of mezedes, pitas, souvlaki and other roasted meats. They also have a wonderful banquet, which starts at $38 per person.

    46-48 Rocky Point Road
    Ph: 02 9588 7887

    Hours: Tue – Thu, 5pm – 9.30pm, Fri 5 – 10pm & Sat/Sun -12noon - 9.30pm

    Diethnes Greek Restaurant

    Speaking of institutions, I don't think you could talk about Greek Restaurants in Sydney, without a mention of Diethnes. Wonderfully welcoming and very old school (my parents used to visit here in the 1970s - and they swear it hasn't changed a bit) Diethnes offers all of the classic Greek dishes from slow cooked home style lamb casserole to wonderfully smokey grilled octopus and moorish fried eggplant. A great place for homely food and a day or night out in Sydney city.

    336 Pitt Street 
    Ph: 9267 8956
    Hours:  Mon-Wed, 12-3pm, 5:30-9:30pm, Thu-Sat, 12-3pm, 5:30-10pm

    The Greek Islands Taverna / The New Chambers 

    Formerly  “The Greek Islands Taverna” in Earlwood –  this is very reasonably priced authentic Greek food. 

    47, 40-44 Belmont Street
    Ph: (02) 6542 2333

    You might also like to try:

    All Good Things Eatery  - 9-11 Mashman Avenue, Kingsgrove   (02) 7903 0198
    Anatoli - 500 Oxford Street, Bondi  (02) 9387 7828
    Steki Taverna - 2 O'Connell Street, Newtown  (02) 9516 2191
    Lemonia Café - 4-8 Booth Street Annandale  0405 212 714
    The Claypot Taverna - 180 Anzac Parade, Kensington (02) 9697 0721  
    Platia - Top Ryde City Shopping Centre, 109-129 Blaxland Rd, Ryde (02) 9807 3000
    The Crazy Donkey Beach Bar – Shop 1, 23 The Strand Dee Why
    Greek at the Belvedere Hotel, Sydney – 482 Kent Street, Sydney

    The Civic Hotel- Twofold Restaurant -  388 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000, (02) 8080 7000
    Varelli - 132 Norton St, Leichhardt NSW 2040, (02) 8065 7290

    Gyros (γύρος)

    The Yeeros Shop

    Before the recent wave of Greek street food there was the “Yeeros Shop” - juicy, fresh gyros with tangy tzatziki – but most importantly, you must order the chips! 

    431 Illawarra Road
    (02) 9559 1167
    Hours: Tue-Sun from 12noon


    309-313 Forest Road, Bexley
    Ph: 02 8123 3345
    Hours: Daily from 11am-11pm


    1/231 Kingsgrove Road
    Ph: 02 9554 4442
    Hours: Tues-Sun, 11am – 11pm


    1/187-189 Lyons Road
    Ph:  (02) 9181 4646
    Hours: Tue- Wed, 12noon – 9.30pm, Thu – Sat 12noon – 10pm, Sun 12noon – 9.30pm


    203 King Street
    Ph: (02) 8068 6382
    Hours: Mon –Thu 11am - 10pm, Fri-Sat 11am – Midnight, Sun 11am - 10pm

    Parea Xpress

    31 Rocky Point Road
    Ph: (02) 9588 7884
    Hours: Tue- Thu 11am – 9pm, Fri  – Sat 11am  – 10pm, Sun 11am – 9pm

    Kerasma Soulvaki Merchant 

    2/324A King Street
    02 9517 2403

    The Reservoir

    47 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills
    (02) 9281 2228
    Hours: Mon - Fri 7am–4pm, Sat & Sun 7.30am–4pm

    You might also like to try:

    Plateia - Where friends meet - Shop 5, 2-14 Bayswater Road, Potts Point (02) 9331 5142
    Ella Gyros + Souvlaki Bar - 57 Princes Highway, Sylvania (02) 9522 3733
    The Hellenic -  Bay Street, Brighton Le Sans (02) 8964 7300
    EATGRK - 437-441 King Georges Road, Beverly Hills (02) 8041 7047
    Yiro Yiro Greek Street Food - 374 Burwood Road, Belmore (02) 8084 1874

    Greek Melbourne 

    Delicatessens and wine merchants Eklektá Trófima (εκλεκτά τρόφιμα) 

    Athena Deli – Oakleigh Market

    Athena Deli would have to been my favourite place for Greek supplies in Melbourne, not least because the Gourgoulis family have Zakynthian and Peloponesian connections - just like my Greek family. Athena Deli has a huge selection of Greek products – from olives and rice through to cheeses and oils.  Similar to Earlwood Wines in Sydney, they stock Greek brands of rice including Carolina as well as good frozen imports such as Greek artichoke hearts and okra. The best find here (for my mind) is the Dodoni Yoghurt, which is flown in fortnightly from Greece – closely followed by the Epiros Goat’s feta.

    My favourites:  Dodoni Yoghurt, Cinnamon and Clove Tea, Cretan Wild Flower Honey, Frozen artichoke hearts imported from Greece, Laiko Coffee, Carolina Rice and Epiros Feta Cheese.

    7-9 Chester Street
    (03) 9568 0031

    Tavernas (ταβέρνα) & restaurants

    Mezedakia Restaurant

    Lvl 1/15 Portman Street
    (03) 9569 7665

    Patisseries and bakersZacharoplasteío (ζαχαροπλαστείο)

    Vanilla Lounge and Bakery

    Eaton Mall
    (03) 9568 3358

    Nikos Oakleigh Cakes

    25-27 Portman Street
    (03) 9568 0031

    Fishmongers (ιχθυοπώλης)

    O’Psaras on Portman

    2  Portman Street
    (03) 9569 7946

    Kreopó̱li̱s (κρεοπώλης) – butchers 

    Oakleigh Wholesale Meat

    24-28 Chester Street
    (03) 9568 1218

    Gyros (γύρος)

    Kalimera Souvlakia

    41 Chester Street

    (03) 9939 3912


    1. gosh you could host your own day tour of 'greece' :) these all sound wonderful.

    2. Thanks Muppy!! I ll keep adding more soon... Love the idea of hosting a tour ; )

      1. I think you would be very good at it. Sounds like you'd love to do this, so I ask - what is stopping you? Your photos are just lovely.

      2. Ah thank you so much! There might just be a mrs mulberry tour coming soon.... What this space ; )

    3. There is a great Greek deli in Marrickville that plays loud music all day long. They've got a huge range of olives and great homemade dips - can't remember the name, but they were in Feast magazine recently?

      Also in Marrickville is a fabulous Greek diner - Corinthian Rotisserie - have you ever been there? I haven't been in for ages, but they use to have a cold entree plate to die for. And lamb that has been cooked all day. Some nights we'd walk past and they'd have cooked lambs heads in the window.. ;-)

      1. Thanks for stopping by Celia! I know the deli you mean, Lamia super deli on Marrickville road. It is an absolute treasure trove. You can walk out with everything you need to create a really wonderful selection of Mezes. Thank you for the tip, I will add this one and the address detail to the page soon!

        I think the Corinthian is a Sydney institution. When Mr K's family visit from Greece we have taken them there! The slow roasted lamb is wonderful - as is the baby goat. A little less fatty than the lamb and tastes a little more herby. Another fantastic suggestion to add to the list, thank you Celia!

    4. Where in ssydney can I buy a good quality tavli set

    5. Just found your blog by accident - how fabulous - thank you - I only discovered MFC two weeks ago on a hunt for Cretan Paximadia - and I found it! Looking forward to visiting all the others on your list.

    6. I've been to almost every one of these places in Sydney.... and more. There's also Georges on the Promenade at King Street Wharf, Steki at Newtown in O'connell st, Enigma at the Piazza at Castle Towers, 274 Old Northern Road, Castle Hill, Athena Cake Shop at 412 Illawarra Road, Marrickville, Grecian Blue 936 Military Road, Mosman, Gyros Fix in Queen street Five Dock for a quick bite on the run. And Ouzeria Terracotta Greek Restaurant South Steyne street in Manly, plus C'aphrodite at 382 Military Road, located right next to the Orpheum Picture Palace the Old-timey art deco cinema at Cremorne.

    7. Oh !!! And your top of the list pick...Earlwood Wines is definitely the best place to find a variety of Greek produce, as well as Beer, Wines, Spirits and Coffee. Great service too.


    Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate every single one!

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