Greek Pantry

Have you watched "Forever Nigella" and seen her amazing pantry? Shelves and shelves of delicious items and quirky finds - all hidden amongst the fairy lights. Grabbing a packet here and a jar there, Nigella can always whip up some fantastically tantalising creation from her shelves. I aspire to have Ms Lawson's truly amazing pantry...all be it with a Greek twist.

Try my list of Greek Delis, Butchers, Fishmongers and Bakers (and more!) for the best deals on Greek products in Sydney and Melbourne. It is amazing how welcome you are made to feel (not to mention the special recipes and hints you are given) when you regularly shop locally.

Here’s an idea of what’s generally stocked in my Greek kitchen, which will enable you to whip up a Greek Feast at a moments notice.

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